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GraphQL Server Built on Ktor

Disclaimer: I do not use Kotlin professionally, and I am learning the language and tools by building something and sharing my experiences here. This application is not production ready and is missing crucial pieces, like production-ready error handling. Please review and understand any code before reusing it, and feel free to leave comments on the GitHub project With authentication in place on the Ktor server, we can move on to building out the skeleton of the GraphQL server, incorporating the authenticated user.

Social Authentication with Ktor

As I continue to explore Kotlin as a server-side web development language and get experience with the available tools in that realm, I plan to build out a simple application, testing out a number of different tools and patterns. The application will be a GraphQL server for a collaborative To Do list (sounds familiar, am I right?), running on Ktor.

First Kotlin Package

I’ve finished and released my first Kotlin package to Bintray. It is still rough around the edges, but it is solving problems that I am facing while building an applicatin with Ktor. Developing it has also given me a good deal of experience with using Kotlin to solve problems. I’m calling the package credentials, and it is inspired by the credentials feature of Ruby on Rails. The library allows a developer to securely store credentials in a file that is located as part of the problem, for example resources/credentials.