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Remote Time Zones Post Mortem

I finished my time working from Australia on May 10, making it just over three months of that I spent working from a siginificantly different (8+ hours) time zone than many of my coworkers. In my last post discussing this topic, I covered some of the pain points this time difference created, and I would like to discuss what worked well for me and what might have been better during that time.

On Working Remote and Time Zones

Just over one month ago, my wife and I moved to Australia temporarily. We will be here for three or four months, and during that time, I will continue working for my company back in the United States. This means I am working remotely, but more importantly that I am working with a large time difference between myself and my coworkers. My coworkers are split between the East Coast (engineering team) and West Coast (product teams) of the United States, so I am 8.