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Testing Emails with PHP, Gmail, and IMAP

I already discussed my open source project, Courier, and writing integration tests for SMTP emails using MailHog. Most of the courier implementations do not use SMTP, though. Even more importantly, I found that when testing email delivery through services like SparkPost and SendGrid there are a lot of edge cases that should be known and understood. For example, there is an issue sending emails to CC recipients using templates with SparkPost.

Testing Emails with MailHog and PHP

I have been working on an open source project, on and off, for the last couple of years that is designed to give developers a standard, concise interface for delivering emails in PHP through third-party SMTP providers, like SparkPost and SendGrid. I recently decided to break out the logic for each of the providers into separate packages, making the core project contain just the interfaces, exceptions, and some helpful traits.